A smile is worth a thousand words. So, if some teeth issues are preventing you to share your smile to the world, you need to address that as soon as you can. Have you ever wondered how popular celebrities get such an amazing smile and flawless teeth? There is no magic to it; only dental skills. If you have teeth issues, go find Porcelain Veneers Lakewood clinics for a try of this procedure. 


Yes, most celebrities have had dental veneers. Veneers are unique, very thin shells that are made of porcelain or ceramic and are specially tailored to fit your teeth and to bond directly to your damaged teeth. What do they do? Significantly, this material can solve different teeth damages and issues that will really boost your confidence. They can reshape your damaged teeth, close some gaps in-between, and they are used for a variety of cosmetic dental corrections like fixing a chipped tooth, correct discoloration, reshape the tooth, and fix teeth stains.  

The following are some truths you need to know about dental veneers: 


  1. A dental veneer procedure is not painful

Typically, the dental veneer procedure does not cause serious pain to the patients although they might feel a slight discomfort while the procedure is happening. These materials are very thin and putting them on your teeth is easy and does not provide serious surgery as implants do. Aside from this, well-trained specialists will make sure their patients will feel comfortable during the whole process 


  1. This may take two to three visits to your doctors

Doctors who consider the quality of service they provide will insist that their patients need to visit the clinic or hospital thrice to complete the procedure. Typically, the first visit includes consultations and treatment options. The second and third visits deal with the fitting of the veneers. The process may include the removal of the enamel to accommodate the veneer, as well as the bonding steps to examine if the fit and color are perfectly made.  


However, there are still experts who can finish the whole process in one sitting.  


  1. You might experience bonding sensitivity and sore gum

Bonding sensitivity can be caused by the reaction to the bonding process between the teeth and bonding cement. The patient may feel slight pain that can last up to six hours after anesthesia. However, this typically happens because of excess cement that your doctor can efficiently remove. 


Sore gums are normal especially when they are introduced and accommodating a new material inside your mouth. However, you can prevent feeling so pained by drinking some Ibuprofen. This helps alleviate the pain.  



  1. It has some downturns

One major downfall of porcelain veneers is that they cannot be repaired once they break. Take note that porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite veneers. 


  1. Your teeth do not need to be fully shaved

Many people think that this process requires the natural tooth to be filed down. Oftentimes, doctors just remove a tiny amount of enamel from their patients during the procedure.